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About Us

Since 2017, YES Customs Broker has offered customs clearance services in compliance with U.S. government agencies.

In that time, we have successfully structured our business to work within U.S. Customs’s codes and regulations, while maintaining a high standard for your importation needs.

Why work with us?

Experts in the Industry

With 10+ years of US customs broker experience and know-how at our company, you can rest assured that your shipping needs will be met

Nationwide Customs Clearance

We can help you clear customs in Los Angeles or any other US port of entry!

Personalized Service

Whether you’re looking to import a commonly imported good or a rare & complex item, we do all the research necessary to provide you with the best chances of clearing US Customs!

Save Time

Clearing Customs and international logistics can be very complicated. Leave the customs clearance and logistics to our experts, so you can spend time growing your business!

Best Value

You'll get reliable, expert clearance service at an affordable price!

Multilingual Staff

We can assist you in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean.

The Los Angeles Advantage

Because Los Angeles is the #1 port in the U.S., importing through L.A. is the cheapest and fastest way into the U.S. due to sailing frequencies, shortest average transit times, infrastructure, support, and rail advantages.

Free US Customs Clearance Consultation

We provide free US import consultations for all new clients!

Who needs US Customs Clearance Services?

Clients looking to import products into the United States. Clearing US Customs can be a complicated and time-consuming endeavor. By working with seasoned Customs Brokers like Inter-Orient Services, you can rest assured that your shipments will be filed correctly and cleared with minimum delay and cost.

We provide a full range of customs brokerage services to ensure that your goods reach their final destinations with minimum cost, interference, and delay. We can clear shipments through any U.S. port of entry, so we can meet the trade needs of importers in any location within the United States.

Contact US

YES Customs Broker Inc
14778 Pipeline Ave, STE B,
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Tel: 626-999-5855
Fax: 909-494-4033